We are one of the oldest in Kolkata reviving and promoting the finest and exclusive Kantha for the last 3 decades with around 1000 women working in rural Bengal reviving this embroidery. We have been working on sarees, shawls, dupattas, lehengas and  stoles, creating and evolving designs to create a presence in the national and international markets.

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Bratati Raybardhan

The Cotton Chanderi Kantha Saree got delivered this morning. I cannot even begin to tell how happy I am with the saree! It was all that I had imagined and much much more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have a very happy customer immensely satisfied with the purchase. Thank you so much, 



I can't thank MKC Kantha enough as they are not only empowering rural women of Bengal in true senses but also bringing most breathtaking kantha designs in our everyday life. I am awestuck with all their stupendous efforts and kantha work i get from them each time. happy sareeing!


Dolly Mathur

The saree and dupattas are grogeous. the photographs did not do the slighest justice to the saree.

Thank you.